St. Francis Institutes

The St. Francis Institutes, promoted by the Franciscan Missionaries brothers across the globe, pursue value based quality education and professionalism with a great sense of compassion. There are schools, 5 colleges and training centres in India under this network.

We render all our effort and commitment to actuate the following aims.

  • Personal growth — intellectual, moral, physical. psychological and social.
  • Progressive and holistic development of the child — fully human, wholly Indian and truly modern.
  • A fun filled and exciting experience of learning.
  • Self-discipline through moral instructions.
  • Leadership skills through participation and involvement in co-curricular activities.
  • Power of expression through public speaking, debates, dramatics, elocution, extempore, music and creative writing.
  • Preparation of the students for future careers.
  • Shaping citizens who serve society with confidence and dignity.
Our Endeavour

  • Help our scholars recognize the Divine Presence in and around them.
  • Prepare the children for a life that is healthy and morally sound which will help them keep away from the evil forces in the economic, social and political scene.
  • Reject ideologies that threaten human dignity, such as,violence, hatred, injustice and gender discrimination.
  • Foster virtues, like, respect for people, obedience. gentleness, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, loyalty, generosity and diligence.
  • Derive joy in stretching out hands to the needy.
  • Cultivate love and appreciation in the children for their culture and traditions.
  • Help the children take keen interest in the happenings in other countries and keep them informed about the changes.
  • Help the children develop a secular attitude with a multicultural outlook and respect for all religions.

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