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Total Records: 7
Name: Gaurav Gaur
Date: 20-Mar-2017

How you know: I am a parent
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Associate Solutions Consultant
Comment: Being an alumni myself, what I like best about of missionary schools is their focus towards imparting values and culture in children. SFS is continuing that reputation along with their excellent infra. Keep up the good work. Regards Gaurav
Name: Garima Anand
Date: 29-Aug-2016

How you know: I am a student
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Student at St. Francis School
Comment: I think our school has done a wonderful job...So, Congrats to that!
Name: Sunil kr Dalakoti
Date: 09-Mar-2016

How you know: Through search engines
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Engineer
Comment: very clear in terms of information presentation. To download the detail in PDF option must be present. It will help .

Total Records: 7

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